Deutscher Pflügerrat e.V.

The Deutsche Pflügerrat e.V. (German Ploughing Council) was founded in 1968 with the aim of maintaining the idea of competitive ploughing and thus contributing to the training of qualified, budding agricultural talents. Helmut Wolf has been chairman of the association since 1997, and is also chairman of the advisory board of the World Ploughing Championship 2018. The main job of the association is to host the German Ploughing Championship, which has been taking place every two years since 1953.

In addition, the Deutsche Pflügerrat represents Germany in the World Ploughing Organisation (WPO), which currently includes 32 members from all corners of the world. Thus the association functions as a link between the World Ploughing Organisation and the various regional ploughing organisations. The national associations include regional ploughing associations which are affiliated with the ploughing council.

The association carries out its work on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture. The management of the association consists of both active and former ploughers, trainers, and supervisors, as well as a representative of the Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture. The Deutsche Pflügerrat currently has a headcount of 285 people and organisations from all over Germany.