Culinary offers

With a total of 67 of the country's 286 Michelin Star restaurants, Baden-Württemberg is the leading gourmet region in Germany. Cuisine in Southwest Germany is a delight for the senses and offers a colourful array of savoury, rustic foods by the Swabians, the Franks and residents of Baden, with influences from our French, Swiss and Austrian neighbours. Fried beef and onions in gravy, Swabian ravioli and potato dumplings are three traditional dishes that represent Baden-Württemberg’s local cuisine and are celebrated far beyond the borders of the state. Varied landscapes and a fruitful climate have made the state the largest special producer and marketer of cultural products in Germany. Along with cultivating fruit, the agricultural family businesses in the region that represent a majority of our producers make fresh vegetables, milk, meat, grains and root crops. This variety of local products has had a decisive influence on and enriched the regional dishes.

Besides its fine culinary offerings, Baden-Württemberg is also known for its drinking culture. The region is host to a long tradition of wine production that was first by the Romans. Around 25 % of the vineyards in Germany can be found in the Southwest. Boasting a total of 169 beer breweries, Baden-Württemberg is also home to diverse array of regional beer specialties. The products from our extensive fruit-growing regions along with the local orchards provide the material needed to make juice, distillates and spirits.

In cooperation with our partners we are offering visitors of the World Ploughing Championship the chance to feast to their heart’s content and to immerse themselves in the diversity of the region’s culinary and beverage specialties.

At the regional specialty market, you will have the opportunity to purchase fine products and look forward to the wealth of high-quality foods and drink specialties on offer at the event.