Herzog von Württemberg Farm Estate

Einsiedel Estate

The Einsiedel Estate, belonging to the Herzog von Württemberg farm estate, is located in a clearing about 2 km in diameter in the Schönbuch recreation area. Only about 30 km south of Stuttgart, 10 km from Tübingen and 5 km from Reutlingen, the farm estate is situated right in the heart of Baden-Württemberg and has been a part of the municipal district of Kirchentellinsfurt within the district of Tübingen since 1829.

The Einsiedel Estate is one of the two working locations of the Herzog von Württemberg farm estate which is run in a traditional manner. Wheat, rape, maize and beets are cultivated in the deep arable soils with a loess layer. Annual precipitation is approx. 700 mm, the average yearly temperature is 10.4 °C. Due to its sheltered location, its wide and undivided arable fields, as well as its historical buildings, the Einsiedel Estate is the perfect venue for the 65th World Ploughing Championship.

The history of the estate began in the 15th century. At this time, Count Eberhard V, who would later become the first Duke of Württemberg, founded a stud farm in the almost 300-hectare clearing, which was developed into one of the biggest in the country in the 18th century. Shortly after the stud farm was founded, the hunting-loving lord built a small castle near this stud farm; today only one wing of the castle has been retained. A few years later, another facility joined this little cluster of buildings: the St. Peter Monastery in Schönbuch which was also founded by Count Eberhard, and which was intended to unite the three ranks of the clergy, nobility, and the middle classes. The hunting lodge, which fell victim to a fire, was partially restored in 1619 by Duke Johann Friedrich.
In 1823 the clearing and the remains of the castle became the private property of the King of Württemberg and are still maintained as part of the ducal Württemberg estate. From 1913 to 2012, the estate with the entire expanse of its fields, excluding the castle however, was leased out to Südzucker AG.