Thank you very much!

The Kuratorium Weltpflügen 2018 e.V. wants to thank all the supporters and sponsors, exhibitors, volunteers and especially the ploughers and all the guests that came from near and far. We are looking back on an eventful and wonderful time - we all cherish these special memories and will take delight in them for a long time.

In the near future you will find a video review of the 65th World Ploughing Championship here on our homepage.

We thank you again for the great collaboration.

Results of the 65th World Ploughing Championship

We are looking back to a great event and are honored to have hosted the 65th World Ploughing Championship.

Congratulations to the champions Eamonn Tracey from Ireland (category conventional) and Thomas Cochrane from Northern Ireland (category reversible).

To learn about the results click here.

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Worldploughing Championship is presented at the DLG field days from June 12th - 14th

Thank you for dropping by. We are looking forward to a exciting and great event in September.

Visit of General Secretary of World Ploughing Organisation at Hofgut Einsiedel

Accompanied by the two irish competitors, General Secretary of the World Ploughing Organization (WPO) Anna Marie McHugh visited Hofgut Einsiedel on May 26th. With beautiful weather chairman Helmut Wolf, Bernd Meyer zu Berstenhorst and Dr. Teresa Walter from the Kuratorium Weltpflügen 2018 e.V. as well as Artur Jäkle, Ulrich Münkle and Thomas König (Deutscher Pflügerrat e.V.) were showing the delegation around the premises of the estate before the meeting where further details regarding the event were discussed.

German Ploughing Championship and celebration of 50 years Deutscher Pflügerrat

On April 15 the German Ploughing Championship took place in Steimbke, Nienburg. Moreover the German Ploughing Council (Deutscher Pflügerrat) celebrated their 50 year anniversary. 

The competitors Luca Deisting (conventional plough) and Matthias Stengelin (reversible plough) won the German Championship with an audience of around 2.000 spectators. It was a great and successful weekend despite the wet weather conditions.

Worldploughing Championship is presented at Retro Classics fair in Stuttgart

Advertising the event at the Retro Classics fair

Exhibition of impressive steam ploughs

4th General Meeting of Kuratorium Weltpflügen 2018 e.V.

On March 8th the Kuratorium Weltpflügen 2018 e.V. met for their 4th general meeting. Preparations for the big event this year are in full swing.

Here are some impressions of the meeting: 

Winter impressions from Einsiedel Estate

The Kuratorium Weltpflügen 2018 is presenting the World Ploughing Championship 2018 at different booths of the International Green Week in Berlin from 18th-28th January

Secretary of State Bleser is visiting the AKI booth at the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture on Januar 19th in the City Cube at Berlin fair.
The World Ploughing Championship 2018 is also playing an important role at the presentation booths of the main sponsor Lemken GmbH & Co. KG in hall 3.2 as well as in hall 5.2..

Picture 1: Christina Schulze Föcking, minister of agriculture NRW, and Dr. Heinrich Bottermann, State Secretary, are being informed about World Ploughing by Sebastian Murkowski, German participant reversible plough, and Lars Heier, head of product management LEMKEN GmbH & Co. KG.

Picture 3: Vladimir Plotnikov (president AKKOR, Russian Association of rural and farm enterprises and agricultural cooperatives, middle) and his deputy Alexej Linetzkij (vice president AKKOR, left) with Lars Heier (second of left), Sebastian Murkowski and Dr. Monika Erath

Picture 2 (f.r.t.l.): Secretary of State Peter Bleser, MdB, Dr. Monika Erath (Managing Director AKI), Domenica Deffner (AKI) and
Dr. Teresa Walter (AKI)

Picture 4: Sebastian Murkowski and Peter Zorn (participant of the World Ploughing Championship 1963 in Toronto, Canada) chatting about World Ploughing.

Host presentation for the world Ploughing Championship 2018

Germany presented the World Ploughing Championship 2018 in Kenia in November during the World Ploughing Championship 2017. To view the presentation, click here.

Impressions of World Ploughing Championship 2017 in Kenia

Kuratorium Weltpflügen 2018 e.V. is presenting WPM 2018 in Kenia

From 1st to 2nd December 2017 the 64th World Ploughing Championship is taking place in Nakuru, Kenia. Since 19th of November the German delegation including the official ploughers Matthias Stengelin from Eigeltingen at Lake Constance and Ulrich Münkle from Langenau, close to Ulm are in Kenia. They are supported by their trainers Hans Hoernel from Oberkirch and Manfred Wolf from Langenau. The team was able to inspect the Kenian territory and get a feeling for the circumstances on site. The German team led by the Chairman of the Kuratorium Weltpflügen 2018 e.V. Helmut Wolf and Managing Director Monika Erath had the task of presenting the World Ploughing Championship 2018 in Germany and to officially invite ploughers from around the world to the event.

Picture 1: Helmut Wolf (Chairman Kuratorium Weltpflügen 2018, 1st f.l.), Monika Erath (Managing Director, center) are presenting the World Ploughing Championship 2018 which is taking place in Germany.

Picture 2 (f.l.t.r.): Manfred Wolf (trainer), Matthias Stengelin (competitor), Ulrich Münkle (competitor), Hans Hoernel (trainer), Lars Heier (head of product management LEMKEN GmbH & Co. KG), Artur Jaekle (judge)

Picture 3 (f.l.t.r.): Artur Jaekle (judge), Hans Hoernel (trainer), Matthias Stengelin (competitor), Manfred Wolf (trainer), Ulrich Münkle (competitor) at the church service for ploughers in Kenia

Picture 4: The German team in the garage giving the machines a finishing touch.